Foundations of The Well

"Foundations of the Well is a way that the Well Church can promote the Entrepreneurs that are inside our walls.   This page is dedicated to Well  businesses/companies (big or small) that are willing to align themselves with the mission of the Well Church.  We want to promote you and hope we can help you cast a larger net to have more fish you can catch.



Business name:  A & D Graphixs

Contact person:  Ryan Spells

Email Address: 

Website address:

Phone number:  919-279-8258

Busines summary: Graphic designs and printing company including business cards, flyers, brochures, logos, websites, vehicle and window lettering and other products for today's business.


Business name:  Endless Possibilities Handmade Gifts                          

Contact person:  Robin Clinton  

Email Address: 

Website address:  

Phone number:  919-346-4720  

Busines summary: Handmade/semi handmade jewelry, lotions, body scrubs, air spray, body mist and makeup coming soon